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My style of photography is casual and fun.  With this approach, it's possible to bring out the true essence of personalities.  I strive to capture authentic smiles and expressions and the connection between loved ones.  I like to keep my sessions stress free, so all you need to do is relax and enjoy the time with your family!

Using a natural light approach, my portrait sessions are held on location, not in a studio.  I have a variety of favorite locations for photoshoots - outdoors in nature, near water or rustic buildings, as well as contemporary and urban sites.  I can also work on location in the comfort of your own home.

I schedule my sessions in the morning or late afternoon, when the natural light is the best.  I always photograph babies in the morning.


The months of April, May, October, & November are my busiest times of the year.   If you want to book then, please do so in advance.  Occasionally I will have some openings during that time, if you're flexible for a last minute booking.  Please keep in mind that holiday sessions book up quickly. I don't book anything after December 1st, due to the rush for Christmas cards as well as for my own peace and sanity.


families               I generally spend around 2 hours with you (although I never watch the clock and will sometimes stay longer).  You will always have plenty of time to take a break for changing diapers or outfits, for a snack and soothing your baby.  This time also gives time to travel to another location if desired.  I don't like to rush sessions.  Sometimes it takes a little more time for true personalities to shine though.  Most often the best images come last.  Family sessions can take place outdoors in nature, as well as rustic and urban sites. My goal is to choose a location that will offer the best lighting, scenery and background to compliment the style and personality of your family. During your session, I will photograph your family as a whole, as well as your children individually.  Family sessions are relaxed, full of laughs and always tailored to your family.


maternity      Maternity sessions are best done between 33-36 weeks.  If you are really petite, I suggest between 30-33 weeks.  I photograph all of my maternity sessions outdoors in natural settings with warm, flattering sunlight. Many expecting moms feel uncomfortable and self conscious about their "new" body - be assured that I know the best angles, poses and lighting to highlight your natural beauty and compliment your belly!   You are welcome to bring any items to your maternity photography session that you would like to be photographed, its your time to shine!      
newborn        Newborn session are best done between 2-14 days old (the earlier the better).  Sessions are taken in the comfort of your home or my home studio, so that I can best control lighting, temperature while keeping your newborn content and comfortable. All props are provided for each newborn session. However, you are welcome to bring any items that are important to your family to be included in the sitting. Each newborn session is approximately 2 hours in length, so please feel free to bring a book, catch up on some TV or close your eyes for a quick snooze while I creatively work with your newborn.                                                                                                                                                                     

wee ones + tiny tots          Children’s photography sessions are conducted in environments that best suit kids…outdoors! Children’s sessions work best when kids are allowed to explore, to laugh and run around, letting their natural curiosity lead the session. I find that photographing little ones work best when Mom and Dad silently watch the magic happen close by, but not far away. Children love to impress and in order for the truest of personalities to shine, it is important that Mom and Dad just sit back, relax and silently observe. Keeping the experience fun for your child is the key ingredient! I will encourage lots of playing, giggling and being silly to bring out that natural smile and personality that you know and love. 


older kiddos + teens         As kids become older, the more defined their interests and personalities are.  I want to capture all  different aspects that show your child's personality.  They could be practicing their favorite sport, musical instrument, involved in a hobby, a quiet moment with a book or among the trees with the seasonal beauty of nature. It is nice to know ahead of time what kind of person your child is and what they enjoy, so I can spark some casual conversation to get those true expressions flowing.

high school seniors + graduates   This session is all about YOU!  I want your session to "speak" your personality and you as an individual.  I encourage you to check out Pinterest to find images that you like for a particular vibe that fits your personality best.  I suggest to choose 3 outfits for you session: one classic, one that shows your personality best and one that is fun!  You might want to wear something that shows what college you plan to attend too!

Frequently Asked Questions



Your private online gallery is available for viewing within 7-14 business days following our session.


Yes! Travel within 30 miles of Gold River, California is included. Distances over 30 miles will require
a travel fee of $50 for up to 50 miles.  For locations over 50 miles from Gold River, California, please call me to arrange.


If the weather is not conducive for picture taking then rescheduling may be necessary. However, most of the time 
showers pass through quickly and won’t interrupt your session. In fact, cloudy and overcast days are actually ideal for 
your session because the clouds act as a giant natural light diffuser. 


We'll coordinate a short in-person meeting to run through some details about my sessions.  We will discuss location options, color palette ideas for clothing and styling, and answer any questions you may have.  I will also have you fill out a booking form and give you a Image & Style Guidance packet for details on your session "look".   Your session fee must be paid in order to book your session date.