✧  Growing up  

Baby, Tots & Young Children          Children’s photography sessions are conducted in environments that best suit kids…outdoors! Children’s sessions work best when kids are allowed to explore, to laugh and run around, letting their natural curiosity lead the session. I find that photographing little ones work best when Mom and Dad silently watch the magic happen close by, but not far away. Children love to impress and in order for the truest of personalities to shine, it is important that Mom and Dad just sit back, relax and silently observe. Keeping the experience fun for your child is the key ingredient! I will encourage lots of playing, giggling and being silly to bring out that natural smile and personality that you know and love. 

Older Kids & Teens               As kids become older, the more defined their interests and personalities are.  I want to capture all  different aspects that show your child's personality.  They could be practicing their favorite sport, musical instrument, involved in a hobby, a quiet moment with a book or among the trees with the seasonal beauty of nature. It is nice to know ahead of time what kind of person your child is and what they enjoy, so I can spark some casual conversation to get those true expressions flowing.